Handsome jack hair tutorial

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How to draw Borderlands Characters. Watch this drawing tutorial and learn how to draw Athena from Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, you can follow the step by step video lesson or the illustrations provided. How to Draw Athena from Borderlands. How to Draw Axton from Borderlands. Today we will show you how to draw a Claptrap from the game Borderlands. They may be found in populated areas or guarding access points between different maps, but are more commonly found in need of repair.

he's such an angular man

7 Best Rhys Ref images | Tales from the borderlands, Borderlands, Handsome jack

I wanted to remake my Rhys wig in a way that would compliment the cel shaded style of Borderlands, rather than fight it the way wig hair does. I turned to the internet, but I found surprisingly little about making wigs out of foam. I know it happens all the time. But why was there no tutorial??


Summary: Reader attends a gala in Stuttgart, Germany hoping to connect with an old friend. Instead, the danger she finds there and the lust that captivates her has bound her to a lethal stranger who is in desperate need of release, a ruler by his side, and an heir. Warnings: Breeding Kink, breeding kink, oh did I mention, breeding kink?
This is a tutorial on how to do handsome jacks makeup for a female. But, it can be applied to many other borderlands female makeups. There are a lot of the same basic principals.