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Here's what it should include. From the first time your young child asks you innocently where babies come from, to fielding questions about contraception and STIs from teens, parents are faced with the very real need to provide their children with the facts of life. But how much of this information should be coming from their teachers and what's the state of sex education in schools? Although it might seem obvious that human sexuality and anatomy should be covered by most school health and science programs, actually only 24 states and the District of Columbia mandate sex education in public schools. Nine states have absolutely no provision for sex education at all, including Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Texas, and Virginia.

Sex Education in Schools: Here's What Your Kid Is Learning

4th grader charged with sexual offense after allegedly threatening girl at Md. playground | WJLA

By the time I was seven, I knew just about everything: what sex was, how it was done, and how babies were made. Where did I learn all this? Not from the teacher, that's for sure; no, I learned from my friends. The thing is, I had the wrong idea about sex. I didn't know it was dangerous.

Fourth grader charged with alleged sexual assault of classmate on Md. school playground

We are now hearing from the father of a fourth-grader who officials say was the victim of a sexual incident at her elementary school last month in Charles County. FOX 5 DC - Parents at an elementary school in Charles County are outraged after learning from administrators that a group of three fourth-grade boys were allegedly involved a sexually explicit encounter with three girls in the same grade. One of the boys also wrapped his arms around one of the girls. CCPS says the girls reported the incident to a recess teacher. The girls then spoke with the vice-principal and gave written statements.
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