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The Central Fabrication Issue July Cutting-edge information for the prosthetics, orthotics, pedorthics, and allied healthcare professions. Information and resources designed to help people navigate the physical, emotional, financial, and social transitions they may experience following an amputation. Marketing your practice is now fast, easy and affordable! In most ways, Shelby Robin, Woodlands, Texas, is an active, typical teenager.

What I’m really thinking: the teenage amputee

Teen Amputee Overcomes Cancer, Makes Resilient Sports Comeback

She has resorted to organizing a fundraiser to acquire a new wheelchair for her daughter because their insurance has on several occasions refused to acquire one for her. According to Yahoo News , Shawn Fernandez the mother of the teen amputee has been pursuing the insurance company for over three years now to get the wheelchair but all her efforts have been in vain. The insurance has refused to get them a new wheelchair because they say Olivia could not get the coverage for a wheelchair since she was also using prosthetic legs. However, the Fernandez family laments that their daughter cannot wear those prosthetic legs throughout because they can cause her to develop sores and they fall off easily, and this can result in a serious injury. Furthermore, the weight of the prosthetic legs is a lot for their daughter to handle for a long time since she is already 80 pounds without them. Shawn also says that when she gets home, she is already tired of them and loves to remove them to allow her skin to breathe. They have a rare hereditary condition where the legs do not develop well in the womb.

Late last year, Felicia may have also saved her life. Felicia is the nickname Skylar gave her prosthetic right leg, which she has worn since her below-the-knee amputation in , due to complications from a rare form of soft-tissue cancer -- synovial sarcoma -- in the bottom of her foot. However, the device provided an unexpected benefit when an all-terrain vehicle skidded out of control in late , turned over and trapped Skylar underneath. She would have lost her life or her leg.
The boy is a ward of the state and resides in a group home in Tucson because he was abandoned by his parents, according to local media. The eight-minute cellphone video, first published by KOLD in Tucson, was filmed in September by another teenager in the Tucson home, who was also allegedly assaulted by deputies. On the morning of 26 September, an adult who works at the group home reportedly called police to report that the teen had knocked over a trash can and was yelling and screaming. In the footage, the deputy can be seen kneeling on the ground and holding the teenager in a headlock.