Anal dilations

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Imperforate Anus Repair, Dilatation Schedule After

Dilatation Schedule after Imperforate Anus Repair

As much as you want your colorectal system to work properly on its own, sometimes you need to lend it a helping hand. Your doctor may recommend anal dilation as a way to encourage your system to work the way that it's supposed to. What is anal dilation? It's a practice that may help to maintain the size of your anal opening or to stretch it to a more appropriate size.

Posterior Sagittal Anorectoplasty (PSARP)

Surgical Treatment of Haemorrhoids pp Cite as. Haemorrhoids consist of loose connective tissue which contains thin-walled sinusoids fed with oxygenated blood via small arterioles. The sinusoids drain via vessels which run upwards in the submucosa of the lower rectum for at least three centimetres before they penetrate the muscular lamina propria to eventually link with the portal system Fig. While the draining vessels are in the submucosa they are easily obstructed by any raising of intrarectal or intra-abdominal pressure, causing backflow and rapid engorgement of the haemorrhoid plexus Fig.
Purpose The objective of this study was to investigate the current practices of anal dilations after anorectal reconstruction for anorectal malformations ARMs in different centers. Materials and Methods An online survey, consisting of 27 questions about the practice of anal dilations, was launched in March among 54 pediatric surgeons with expertise in colorectal surgery. The survey was divided into three sections.