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It is implied that he is the reincarnation of Yuri Volte Hyuga, a powerful Harmonixer who was given the moniker "God-Slayer". Due to his amnesia, Shido remembers very little of his life, other than knowing that he was adopted by the Itsuka family and somehow knew that his foster sister Kotori was a Spirit, however he cannot recall the reasons why, and anything past five years ago is a blank. However, since he lost his memory, he has been having a reoccuring dream in which he stands in a graveyard with seven graves, six each bearing strange symbols with the seventh has the name "Yuri Hyuga" written. His meeting with the Spirit Tohka and his involvement with the organization Ratatoskr has raised several questions about Shido's past, especially about his abilities as a Harmonixer and the power to seal away a Spirit's power.

Date A Live Shido

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When he was killed by Isaac Ray Peram Westcott 30 years ago, Mio Takamiya the First Spirit kissed his body turning him into a light to absorbed him inside of her for his childbirth to brought him back to life and allowing him to absorb and seal Spirits' powers within him by kissing them on the lips. He was adopted into the Itsuka family at a young age, and he has a younger foster sister named Kotori Itsuka, as well as a biological younger sister named Mana Takamiya. He is voiced by Nobunaga Shimizaki in the Japanese version of the anime and Josh Grelle in the English version, the former of whom also voices Shinichi Izumi. Shido has all the looks of an average young man in high school. With blue hair down to his neck, amber brown eyes, and has straight hair and bangs. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform.

Date A Live

Spirits are extraterrestrial beings whose arrival is usually preceded by a spatial quake. These spatial quakes are usually involuntary, but they can also cause spatial quakes voluntarily. Each Spirit has a numerical kanji in their name. They also each possess an Astral Dress as well as an Angel, which are respectively named after the Divine Names of the Sephiroth of the Kabbalistic Tree of life corresponding to the numerical kanji in their names, and the archangels governing the corresponding Sephirot.
He possesses a strange power that allows him to seal the powers of a Spirit in his body with a kiss. At the start of the series and his new high school year as a 2nd-year student, he accidentally stumbles into a new world unknown to him or to the public for that matter of fact. With the only explanation from her being that only he can save the Spirits, Shido reluctantly joins due to his nature to help and save people in need. Going about with his normal life and rescuing Spirits is one thing, but with each new encounter and new Spirits to save, there is always some type of new hardship on Shido's mental health, since he has to deal with the opposite gender, with which he does not have much experience dealing.