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Data shows that Caucasian teens in rural settings have higher incidences of using smokeless tobacco chew. Through psychographic segmentation, we have found that teens who identify with the Country peer crowd are at significantly higher risk for using chew or dip. Our challenge is to shift social norms within the Country peer crowd to discourage tobacco use. High-risk Country teens are undeterred by broad health messaging about the health risks of tobacco use, and so our intervention must position health information within the context of our high-risk audience and their values. Use a Social Branding approach to align Country values with being tobacco-free. We developed the Down and Dirty brand to associate a tobacco-free lifestyle with Country teen values, identities, and lifestyles.

Dirty and Teen Hangout - McDonald's

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This McDonalds is a disgrace. It's messy, dirty and loud. It's a hangout for local teens who aren't eating or drinking, but just laying around, recharging their phones and being loud with cursing and showing off. Typical McDonald's menu, nothing special. But was uncomfortable with all the teen swearing and yelling. There is a big sign saying No Loitering, I wish the management enforced this house rule.

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