Fuck at work tumblr

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Watch the short film HERE! A while ago I posted this pavian concept , that I liked quite a lot, but I saw many things that needed to be improved. So here is the 2. Added some more storytelling to it as well.

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Fuck this tumblr shit.

My manager is a fucking moron and sent over half of the evening shift home before 7, which is when we get busy. We were still struggling towards the end of the night and due to some big orders our times were at seconds, which is Bad. We made you wait seconds because we specifically wanted to inconvenience you, because we so badly want nothing more than for you to stay in our line. Fuck off. His last day is this coming Sunday and literally everyone is so happy to see him go.

“Hey, I know you’re not scheduled for it, but do you think you can work until–”

All multi-part stories will say whether they are completed, in-progress, on hiatus or coming soon. Thanks for checking out my work! Happy reading :. I am not. As I find more I will them to my Fav Fics list.
Shoutout to eighth grade me when I drank an entire bottle of fireball, vomited so harshly that I ruptured my airway and had to be hospitalized for two weeks. Got grounded but damn was the memory worth it. Everyday is the same thing just a little different.