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Tons of female celebrities defy that expectation every day, including the feisty and fierce Gillian Anderson. In fact, Gillian Anderson has just gotten better with age. Gillian Anderson age 51 is a British-American actress who has appeared in various movies, TV shows, plays, and even video games. Besides being an award-winning actress, Anderson is also a gay icon and activist.

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By Dailymail. The sexual tension between their characters Fox Mulder and Dana Scully is almost legendary. And on Wednesday night's episode of The X Files, the romance between the characters - played by between Gillian Anderson, 49, and David Duchovny, 57 - finally culminated in a largely suggestive sex scene. Anticipated: On Wednesday's episode of The X Files, the fictional romance between Gillian Anderson, 49, and David Duchovny, 57, finally culminated in a largely suggestive sex scene. In the episode, fans who had followed the on-again off-again romance of the paranormal activity-investigating FBI agents were rewarded for nearly 25 years of waiting, with a sexy shot of the coworkers in bed together. Anderson marked the occasion with her Tweet and attached to it a vintage GIF of Mulder and Scully clinking beer bottles together. And a promo for next week's episode includes a flashback shot of an earlier 'near-kiss' for the hapless couple.

Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) hottest scene ever (X Files 2016)

Having already announced that the upcoming run of the show "is it" for her, the year-old actress' character looked to be on her last legs as she spent most of the premiere in hospital. The episode, My Struggle III, erases everything that happened in My Struggle II which closed the series 10 of the show - revealing that Mulder wasn't in danger and Scully wasn't on course to meet aliens. The episode opens with Scully waking up in hospital and eventually being released, though she finds herself crashing back into the emergency room following a car accident. Fans of the X Files in the US, where the episode was screened last night, have been left divided by the episode and its big reveal. Following a bungled assassination attempt in the hospital, where a mystery man tried to smother her, foiled by Mulder David Duchovny , the Cigarette Smoking Man returned to provide a huge plot twist.
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