Girl squeees testicles

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According to the man, Pritchard attacked him in the middle of the night as he was sleeping. He awoke to her squeezing the actual life out of his scrotum. The man told police he never hit back but did try to block her blows, and ultimately was able to get her off of him long enough to call the police. Pritchard claims her boyfriend became jealous about her wanting to go on a date with another guy and then the fight escalated from verbal to… testicular decimation? Domestic abuse is often put onto males, but its becoming far to prevalent with females also. As a society we have to speak out against this kind of violence toward anyone.

Woman Squeezes Mans Testicles Out Of Scrotum, Then Urinates All Over Police Car

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It's never something you want to hear in the same sentence. Squeeze and testicles. A North Carolina Woman decided to take pain to a new level and really grab a guy by the balls, and remove them. Talk about putting a squeeze on things.

Woman Arrested for Squeezing Boyfriend’s Testicles Until They Bled During Argument

Katie Lee Pitchford was arrested on June 4 after officers were called to reports of an assault at a home in Indian Harbour Beach, about 70 miles from Orlando. The man reported the year-old had assaulted him, hitting him with her fists and a brush, choking him, and scratching his face, according to the Sun-Sentinel. When the police arrived on the scene they found Pitchford's live-in boyfriend with a bloody face and bruising. In her arrest report she claimed they got into a fight after a night out drinking on the beach because she wanted to go on a date with an old friend. The hairdresser told officers her boyfriend found out when he saw the text messages on her phone and became jealous.
An amateur boxer has revealed how he suffered an alleged minute attack by his pound girlfriend that may have left him sterile. In an exclusive interview with DailyMail. It was squeeze, pull, rip.