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Her father, a mix of Punjabi, Manipuri and Naga west and east Indian heritages , owns a dental clinic, and her Chinese mother used to run a beauty salon. They met in Pune, Maharashtra in the west while her father was studying and her mother had just separated from her first husband. Sne has two older half-sisters from a Chinese father, and a younger brother. Credit: Sne Aribam Sharma.

Portraits of mixed race couples

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The Rock is of black and Samoan heritage. His father is former professional wrestler Rocky Johnson, who was the first black Georgia heavyweight champion. His maternal grandfather, Peter Maivia, was a Samoan American professional wrestler. I identify as exactly what I am - both.

Miss Japan won by half Indian Priyanka Yoshikawa

About 8. We wanted to put a face to this fast-growing demographic, and asked readers in mixed-race pairings to share their photos with us. We asked for the basics: names, backgrounds, and the city they live in.
There are a considerable number of Chindians in Malaysia , Singapore , and Myanmar. In Maritime Southeast Asia, people of Chinese and Indian origin immigrated in large numbers during the 19th and 20th centuries. Zhang Qian d. There are three Indian community associations in the country.