Nude portrait painting

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Nude Acrylic Paintings

Nude painting is an age old artistic tradition from prehistoric times to the present day. It was in ancient Greece that the representation of the nude in art was glorified: the bodily perfection of the gods and the divine could be seen in the statues and the frescoes. The representation of the nude in works of art was, at the time, a very common practice, artists would idealize the body of their models to create a vision of perfect beauty. Throughout the Middle Ages the nude painting was rejected , because of associations to the sins of the flesh, whereas the nude painting took centre stage during the Renaissance in the fifteenth century. The nude painting became a genre in itself in the 18th century, which gave it a greater integrity: nude painting ceases to be a practical exercise for artists, to study the subject of their paintings. Nevertheless, until the nineteenth century, nudity in art was only acceptable if it served to represent a mythological or divine subject; artists were not able to paint the naked body of an ordinary person, for fear of being judged as indecent and scandalous. The painter, Manet and the avant-garde movements of the twentieth century would break these traditional conventions by creating nude paintings of the people around them or courtesans, to make nude painting an accepted genre to be exhibited in the largest museums around the world.

Nude Portrait Paintings

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