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All rights reserved. What is the definition of a solstice, and when do they happen? Is the winter solstice always the first day of winter? Find out what causes these biannual astronomical events, as well as how they bring about the shortest and longest days of the year.

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See the entire gallery. Title: Naked Planet — Naked Planet showcases nature's finest icons in a style never seen before. The Academy Award winning aerial system ; Flying Cam ; takes the viewer over the lip of Niagara Falls before free-falling into the dizzy gorge below; endoscope, periscope and ultra-wide angle lenses capture views of the earth through animals' eyes; and 3D computer animation brings alive the geology which led to the creation of each masterpiece. Written by Wall to Wall TV.

Naked Planet

In animation, Summer was the original voice of Penny in the cartoon Inspector Gadget. She and her family also traveled and lived around British Columbia during her childhood, and she started public school at the age of nine in Toronto. Summer's acting career began in when she was cast as Penny in the first season of the original version of Inspector Gadget.
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