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Red Dead Redemption 2 now has a Hot Coffee mod, and if you're over a certain age, you'll immediately understand why Take-Two isn't happy about it. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas players once discovered a sex mini-game in the game which Rockstar had hidden from the retail release. The discovery gave birth to a new panic about video games, as parents everywhere were horrified to learn a game called "Grand Theft Auto," which involves killing cops, robbing stores, and beating pedestrians, and which in many cases they bought for their kids despite its Mature rating, may also include nudity. The horror! The euphemism of "Hot Coffee" has since lived in infamy and it remains strong in Red Dead Redemption 2 today thanks to modders who have recreated the scene in the wild west.

Rockstar Gets Lawyers Involved Over Red Dead Redemption 2 Sex Mod

Red Dead Redemption 2 gets a Hot Coffee mod, but Take-Two disapproves | GamesRadar+

A Red Dead Redemption 2 modder has insisted their Hot Coffee mod is here to stay despite receiving a legal threat from the game's publisher. It sees main character Arthur Morgan have sex with a prostitute, and was built with animations lifted from the drunk saloon mission with Lenny and the sounds the character models make when they get injured. No nudity is shown, and the mod is only available for the single-player portion of the game. The original Hot Coffee was not normally accessible in San Andreas, but it hit the headlines after the release of the Hot Coffee mod for the PC version in

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Hot Coffee mod lets Arthur enjoy a reverse cowgirl

GQ Hype. Rockstar's latest game features a surprising scene in which its protagonist seems to be raped. For some players, it brings back bad memories. For some, it changed how they viewed sexual assault. But to others, Amelia Tait finds, it's not that deep.
If you're unfamiliar, Hot Coffee was a minigame developed for Rockstar's hit, which allowed players to simulate sex between protagonist CJ and one of his girlfriends. Hot Coffee never made it into the completed game, but remained in its files to be picked up once modders got their hands on the game. This had pretty major ramifications for Rockstar, as it caused the game to be temporarily pulled from shelves.