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T he Easter photo challenge had to involve chocolate. Apart from that, all bets were off. One member of the Cheeky Chicks Facebook group chat won herself piles of virtual applause by filming her naked torso slowly getting covered in Ice Magic. On 22 April, actor Ansel Elgort teased his followers on Instagram by posting a nude photograph and suggesting he had set up an Only Fans account. Although the post was for charity, he deleted it a few hours later. Right now the practice is having a heyday.

'It’s like a sexy story just for me': how lockdown has triggered a wave of sexting

Let’s make energy transition sexy!|Insight||web only

Talking to car designers is one of the biggest perks of my job. Any time spent with them, even in my smartest attire, makes my own sense of style seem deeply inadequate. Lockdown has provided an added opportunity to chat to designers — and not to feel quite so inferior, although even their more relaxed clobber outshines mine. And lockdown, it seems, has given them valuable thinking time — time for them to be at their most creative. Thomson believes that could have an effect on the design and materials used inside cars, too. Two of my favourite concepts recently have come from SangYup Lee, head of the Hyundai design centre, with the 45 and Prophecy.

OnlyFans: 'I started selling sexy photos online after losing my job'

She is little dusky na? I never knew why that would be a discussion by distant relatives when I was a kid. I wondered again why Dusky is my first adjective??? Another discovery of mine: Once I came back into India and film offers started I suddenly was accepted and loved.
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