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Please refresh the page and retry. E very time a woman is photographed with visible underarm hair. Tabloids go into meltdown, publishing numerous images that zoom in on the 'offending' hair and labelling it shocking. The feeling seems to be: How can these women live, breathe and walk the same land as the rest of us? And how on earth could a man begin to find them attractive?

Why underarm hair makes me feel sexy

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I am usually late to catch on to shifts in the zeitgeist; this one came to my attention just recently. For the past couple of decades, I have seldom shaved my armpits. Now, all of a sudden, I was on-trend. Among both celebrities and the masses, female body hair is sprouting all over.

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Not only did she sport unruly armpits, but also wore a rather interesting brooch to the red carpet of the gala event. Even as men manscape their way from scruff to buff, a growing number of Indian women are throwing away their razors and wax strips. If your dark armpits make you conscious while raising your arms, or you have simply stopped wearing sleeveless outfits to shun the embarrassment, then this story is going to make your day. Body odour is normal, but smelly armpits can sometimes get out of hands. Even regular baths, good amount of perfumes can't seem to solve this issue.
I've been shaving my armpit hair since the morning of a trip to Wet 'n' Wild in grade 7. Mum had spotted a few hairs weeks earlier much to my embarrassment and a swimming excursion was an excuse to show me how removing them was done. Now in my 30s, I'm drawn to women who are unapologetic about who they are. That means when scrolling Instagram, I'm seeing more with armpit hair.