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Short, chubby girls shy away from popular fashion styles because most people mock them, and this puts them off. Being short and curvy or even overweight doesn't mean you can't look fabulous. Many short, plus-size people out there dress very well, so if you fall into this category, do not despair. All you need is the know-how, the right wardrobe pieces, and a healthy dose of self-confidence.

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You can still find clothes that are fashionable and will make you look feminine and pretty. Rather than relegating yourself to frumpy, bulky outfits that just make you look bigger, search for clothes that fit you properly and make the most of your curves, accented with eye-catching accessories. Wear simple dresses that fit your curves and show off your best points, such as a narrow waist, generous bust or great legs. Pair your dress with high heels to give your legs a longer line.

The Best Fashions for Short & Plump Women

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