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Four months later, she finds a bunch of photos in her Dropbox app folder. The Dropbox app allows its users to automatically upload photos from their smart-phones onto the internet. So the guy using her phone hasn't yet realised that the app is still active on the device and transferring the pictures he takes, to the lady whom it was stolen from. She, on the other hand, grabbed the opportunity and started a blog featuring the times and life of this man from Dubai, whose pictures leave little to one's imagination. And here's another Tumblr from , with a similar tale and a happy ending - thisguyhasmymacbook. Have you or someone you know made the use of social media to find their lost belonging?

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life of a stranger who stole my phone:

So I recently lost my phone and I have been quite bummed about it. Looking back on it now however, I am starting to feel that maybe it is good that I actually lost it. However, firstly, I must claim that the phone I lost has near zero value cause I spoilt both buttons more or less so the phone barely functions on its own. Anyway, thinking bout not having a phone.

A Tumblr of pictures from a stolen phone

Police in Tulcea have reacted. They however do know who they are and where they live.. It was not my goal to offend or generalize the Romanian population with the gypsies that stole my phone. I apologise for this. I thought I had seen everything and thought these photos could not get any worse but then I received following pictures.
You start to move and your stomach lurches with fear, your dragged out of the van, and turned over face up, they straighten your eye holes and you can see the two cops, helmets glinting in the dusk, and gleams from their tight, shiny puffy jackets. They look at you for a moment, seeing your eyes full of panic, then they laugh at you. They drag you into a guardroom, and you feel straps being buckled round your ankles. You can see the cops upside down now, standing legs apart in their thigh boots, tights and little skirts, they have pistols drawn and they are pointing them at you.