Suite life on deck sex stories

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Bio Fav: Stories. Zack wants him and Maya to double date with Cody and Bailey. They get stuck on an island in the Caribbean, pirates appear and adventure ensues. Cody, Bailey and their friends finish school and enter the real world. Will they be ready for what life has in store for them? With the help of Zack, Cody and others, along with a new guest, both girls will know that love is something really magical.

ufiction: Crash N' Love (A Cody\Bailey story) Suite Life on Deck by Wing

One day on the S. Tipton London is lying on the sun deck in a sweater and blue jeans. She Looks Mad. I'm trying to get a tan. And it's not going to good" replied London. When she takes her jeans off, it reviles a shaved smooth pussy. Here take her bra.

It's the first day of seven seas high school for Zack and Cody. Excitement builds as they board the ship along with the other passengers and students. After a chat with Mr Moseby that ends with him jumping overboard, they make their way out to the sky deck.
This is my first story. I don't own anything. Tell me what you think about it and maybe I'm gonna write something more. Hope you guys like it! Zack was in his cabin, which was also Marcus' cabin.