Taylor swift sex tape real

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Before your rush off and start screaming about the impropriety of it all, know that is was all a hoax, courtesy of some nasty Facebook scammers. News about this apparent sex tape starring One D's Harry Styles and the ever pure Taylor Swift started doing the rounds on Facebook yesterday, setting pulses a racing and pearls a clutching. And fingers a clicking too, because as much as we don't believe it, we still have to verify if it's true or not. For journalistic reasons.

Undressing Taylor Swift — Tits, Ass & Camel Toe Pussy

The Dredge: Taylor Swift's 'sex tape' is not for real, everybody

Photo's from the singer's phone were leaked and we were pleasantly surprised when we saw these pics! T-swift was exposing a little more than those long legs in these scandalous photos and we couldn't believe what she was doing with her hands! Trust me, you have got to check these out. You're deep-V diver will thank you!


She's young, she's pretty, she's got a squeaky-clean public image — Taylor Swift is the perfect subject for a Facebook scam. Watch the video before it's taken down! If this all sounds familiar, it may be because almost exactly the same thing happened more than two years with another pop idol — Miley Cyrus. Instead, you'll be drawn into a morass of surveys and scams that may ask you for your email address, your mobile-phone number and your name and address, or offer you dodgy-looking games and browser toolbars. Providing any of the information required guarantees that you'll be at a higher risk for spam emails, fraudulent premium text-message services, identity theft or even malware.
And no videos of Haylor in the nip. Do you want to see these photos of Harry with a stripper instead? Go on then. Gossip Cop. A bum double!