Beware of Ingredients

Beware of Ingredients

Don’t be fooled with marketing on certain skin care and Make-up, Organic products are not necessarily the best!

In most cases more expensive products are best but shop around and look into brands before buying, a product only needs to have 2% of a natural or organic ingredient to call it a natural /organic product, so you can open your eyes and see what products are what they say!


Here are some ingredients to be careful of.


  • Parabens = These are a class of chemicals used as a preservative in our cosmetics, and food, people can be allergic to them and cause reactions try use products that are in pumps or sealed containers that the air can’t disturb the ingredients,  
  • Petrolatum=hydrogen/carbon (Vaseline means German name for water and Greek name for oil.)Discovered in oil rigs in 1859 to heal and work as a barrier, so there are no moisturising properties in them stay away from Vaseline on the lips as all it does is give us a silky soft feel but has no effect on the condition of your lips,
  • Colorants = This makes a product more appealing to the eye; we want crisp white or nice colour creams.
  • Sulphates = (more common name sodium laurite sulphates)

These are foaming agents, that make a product foam up in face washes, shampoos and shower gels,  can cause eye or skin irritation, gives you that squeaky clean/tight feeling and strips the natural oils from the skin making a feeling of dryness,

  • Phthalates= Allow fragrance to last longer
  • Xenestrogens= Are in our food, strawberries, cabbage make-up, cosmetics they mimic the effects of natural estrogens in the body very important for pregnant women not to use can add to p.m.s and breast cancer.
  • Synthetic Fragrance=when they try to copy the natural fragrance with a synthetic one e.g. rose oil! This means that when we buy a strawberry shower gel this doesn’t mean that there is extracts of strawberries but a synthetic fragrance that mimics the smell of real strawberries,