Checklist for your make-up trial

Preparing for your make-up trial

Listed below are a few hints to making the most out of your make-up trial,

  1. Book your trial 6-8 weeks in advance of your wedding date, this will ensure if there are any skin complaints you will have enough time to rectify them,
  2. Have your skincare products available for me to check and make sure they are the right ones for you,
  3. Have your make-up bag handy so that we can go through what make-up you normally wear and how you would normally apply it to get a feel of your style.
  4. Write down some questions to ask because they are easily forgotten when trial takes place.
  5. I recommend you bring someone that you take their advice on board and can help you make a decision pick someone who knows you very well and you trust their judgments maybe a bridesmaid/sister or Mother. Don’t have everyone at your trial because too many opinions can influence your final decision, the trial is for you so use the time appropriately.
  6. If you have had your hair trial already have some pictures to we can work with the hair style in conjunction with your make-up to get the perfect balance or better still try to organise your trial for both hair and /make-up on the same day, This can be hard to organise so book well in advance,
  7. Have a camera at hand to take some of your own pictures to see how it looks on the camera; Make-up can look totally different under a flash light so ensure the perfect combination take pictures in different lights so you can all different types of lighting.
  8. It’s a good idea to have your trial done in the daytime so you can see the longevity of your make-up remember it a long day and you want your make-up to last.
  9. Have an idea of what style of make-up you would like, that we can look at together to get your desired look, research pictures in magazines and websites to get ideas but try look at girls with similarities to yourself and make-up on someone with blue eyes and blonde hair is look completely different on someone who is dark with brown eyes.
  10. If you are having a spray tan get a trial for this the day before your make-up trial so you can see the look as it will be on the day.
  11. A picture of the dress is a huge bonus to see the style of your wedding to create a make-up style that will compliment your dress and to ensure your style is cohesive.
  12. And finally have your skin cleanse, exfoliated and moisturised so ensure working on a clean canvas!!!

To book in for a trial email [email protected]