Preparing your skin for your wedding


  1. Please stay away from WIPES to cleanse the skin, my brides hate when I ask them what products they are using because their skin is dry and then I end up giving out to them for using wipes but I do it for their own good! Facial wipes are a lazy quick fix to removing make-up!!! There are very bad for your skin they are full of alcohol and sulphates and are of no benefit to  you, Brides often tell me they use them because they are so easy and quick to use but I don’t agree with this it is just as easy to apply a bit of cleanser to the face and wash off with a face cloth not only is it more cost effective using a bottle of cleanser which  lasts 3 times as long as a packet of wipes and is so much more beneficial to your skin this is quicker than using 3-4 wipes and takes twice as long to remove eye make-up when poring a small amount of eye make-up remover on cotton wool will take it off in a flash!! NO EXCUSES BIN THE WIPES!
  2. If you don’t already have a skin care routine start now it might feel like a chore to begin with but when you start noticing a difference in your skin it will be worth it,
    • Cleanse and tone every night to remove the dirt and make-up from the day,
    • Apply the correct moisturiser to face, neck and décolleté
    • Start using an eye cream if you’re not already, if you are at the age to get married then you should be using an eye cream, at a training seminar recently I was informed that skin mature from the age of 25 in Ireland, so now is the time to start caring for our eyes are they are the first signs of ageing you will notice.
    •  Exfoliate your skin 1-2 a week using a gentle exfoliator and use masks once a week suitable for your skin type,
  3. Drink plenty of water we all know that 8 glasses of day will keep up hydrated and keep our skin from dehydrating,
  4. Don’t forget about your skin on your body as well as your face we need to look after this just as much, most wedding dressed will show off the arms back and décolleté so your skin will want to look its best regular exfoliating and moisturising will ensure your skin is glowing and your tan will be perfect. See Cellulite page for more info.
  5. Treat yourself to a manicure and look after your nails.
  6. Hair is also a huge part of your style so maintain a good hair regime using good shampoo and conditioners caring for your hair if it is coloured or treated and trying to stay away from over processing it and damaging it with straightness and thongs etc.
  7. Hair and nail supplements are very effected if taken religiously but remember they don’t work over night so if you are thinking of taking then they will need around 3-6 months to really kick in and start seeing effects,
  8. Diet and Fitness not my speciality but like most girls we know what we should and shouldn’t be eating and how much exercise we should be doing,
  9. Try ease up on the amount of make-up you wear, make-up can cause blocked pores and blemishes so if you can try use less when you don’t need to wear it and give your skin a break from wearing any make-up a few days before the wedding.
  10. If you are treating yourself to a facial be careful on what facial you are having as some can draw out impurities and deep cleanse the skin which can result in a breakout and you don’t want this too close to the wedding.