Real v Fake Tan


If you are lucky enough to get a holiday coming up to your wedding or we will all be lucky enough to get the sun at home you need to ensure you are well protected wherever you are. In recent years we have all been made aware of the risks the sun carries to our skin so prepare you for sunburn free skin. Long gone are the days lashing baby oil or even cooking oil in some crazy cases leaving you in pain for days then realising it won’t last and then starting to peel.


  1. Sun block, sun block and more sunblock.Yes! you do have to wear it even if you don’t burn and always go brown, it would be just your luck that the one time would you end up looking like a beetroot and we can’t have you in a lovely white dress now can we?
  2. Use after sun on face and body frequently to hydrate your skin as it get very dry when you are in the sun.(try storing it in the fridge so it’s nice and cold when you need it to cool you down if you have got burned)
  3. Wear sun glasses, Yes these are not just another fashion accessory they will protect your eyes from the sun and keep you wrinkle free.
  4. Drink plenty of water; keep yourself hydrated to prevent dehydration, and dry skin.
  5. Re-apply your sun screen regularly even if it’s water resistant to be certain you are well protected.
  6. Pull down the straps! Try to wear a strapless bikini or pull them down so you don’t get a tan line,



Please try not to use sun beds it’s really not worth the risk of long term damage for the sake of a bit of colour for one day, In the last few years less and less brides of mine have told me they are on the sun beds in fear of my telling them how bad they are, I don’t condone using them but in certain circumstances I can make consideration for if someone suffers with psoriasis or other skin conditions that sun beds will temporarily help.



False tans are definitely the safer option for your skin but not for your dress! I can’t stress enough how important it is not to get tan on your wedding dress we can see the effects tan have had on our lovely crisp white towels and sheets so it’s not worth getting it on your dress that you have spent a fortune on, I’m sorry to say that I have seen some disasters on dresses when my brides in the past have assumed its transfer resistant until it rubs off under the arms and needless to say the dress is destroyed and no time to rectify. So to be sure this won’t happen to you follow these simple steps,

  1. Always get a trial of your tan if you are planning to get it done professionally applied,
  2. If you decide to go ahead with a spray tan get the same girl to do it for you on the day for your wedding so you know the result and get it 3 days before the wedding giving you enough time to calm down the smell to disappear and any mistake can be rectified.
  3. Exfoliate and moisturise dry areas before you do any tan concentrating on the knees, elbows, heals and on our arms where your bras strap rest as skin can be tough and dryer in these areas.
  4. Use separate tans for face and body unless stated that it is suitable for both some tans can clog up the pres and give you blemishes, Do you get light layer on the face as its easier to match foundation to ensure your face and chest are the same colour.
  5. Use a tanning mitt if using a liquid or mouse to prevent it turning your hands a nice shade of orange, then apply a small amount of body cream and mix it with a small amount of tan and wipe palms clean with a wipe or face cloth,


Think long and hard about what tanning options you are going to take for your wedding and always do a trial run! Good luck

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