New vegas missionary test

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When you arrive at Freeside, which is essentially the outskirts of the New Vegas Strip, you'll start running into well-dressed greaser-like men called The Kings. These guys seem to keep to themselves for the most part, but their blustery talk may make you think that they're more than just a gang. And right you'd be. When you reach the section of Freeside closest to the strip, you'll run into The Kings' headquarters. Upon heading inside, you'll find a man leaning against the wall near the entrance, adjacent to a locked door. Bribe this guy named Pacer to get through the door 50 Caps should do the trick , and once on the other side, speak with the King, who will be sitting in a chair watching a show on a stage ahead.

Fallout new vegas missionary test help?

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Missionary is the name given to at least two characters living in Freeside in Fallout: New Vegas. They are being employed by the NCR force as a mean to find more NCR citizens in the area, so they can provide them with food and water. Each missionary is located in the squatter camps you are originally sent to investigate, they are the quest markers. Either will ask the player if they are a citizen of the NCR. If the player answers "yes", the player is quizzed with three questions to prove that they are an NCR Citizen. This will give you access to Missionary's note, which reads cryptically "Hope is the key.

I need the NCR quiz answers for the quest G.I Blues

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Im doing missions for the king and need the answers to this test plz help there the ncr citizen test. And it is located in freeside. If you have ever done the quest High Times, where Jacob Hoff The dude that was addicted to drugs , was located Across from Mick N Ralphs there should be a hole there, that goes through the little building. Go through it and you'll see an NCR Tester.